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 A rugby shirt and caps in box frames

 A shirt and programs

 A school cap in a deep box frame


You Name It We Can Frame It

*Cross -stitch; Needlework; Tapestries
Professionally stetched and laced if required and sympathetically framed.
Stretchers provided if needed - odd sizes can be manufactured in our own workshops.
Mouldings and mounts sympathetic to the watercolour pallette held in stock.
*Box Frames
Suitable for framing three dimensional pieces e.g. that first pair of ballet shoes; dried
flowers; decoupage etc.
*Hand finished frames
To reflect certain colours in a picture that stock mouldings cannot match e.g. dyed and
then limed.
*Mirror frames
Either using stock mouldings or custom coloured to your colour scheme. Rectagular;
square; octagonal.
*Custom made mouldings
Mouldings made to your own specifications


 Military Prints

 Large silk dragon

 Preparing silks ready for framing

 Attaching appliques to silk backing

 Invisible stitching is used to hold in place

  A frame is used to hold silk taut

 Ready to attach to backing board

Silk pinned to acid free backing board

  Silk stitched to backing board

  Gold crewellwork

 Pinned ready to be stitched

  Fine embroidered silk collar

 Detail from collar

Collar pinned in place

  Invisible stitching to hold in place

 Two sets of diptychs

 Selection of silks ready for framing

 A School Cap Ready For The Front Frame

 Reverse Side Showing Stitching

 Front Face Showing Artwork

 Sample Of Finished Work




 Sample Of Finished Work

 Sample Of Finished Work

 Sample Of Finished Work


 Sample Of Finished Work

  Sample Of Finished Work

  Sample Of Finished Work



 Oil Painting Using Float Frame

 Oil Painting Using Float Frame Corner Detail

 Mount With Cut Out Detail


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